Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered Oak has become a very useful board in today's market. It is widely used in areas where solid wood is believed to not be a suitable.

This might on top of under-floor heating or where there is a concrete base that has height restrictions, preventing the fitting of new joists on top.

Many people believe that an engineered board will resemble a laminate floor and not a real oak floor. This is indeed a myth! Good quality boards combined with careful and experienced craftsmen's finishing, this is anything but the case.

We at Olden Oak can produce boards in any size shape or form. With widths ranging from 125mm - 400mm. Lengths again can be chosen. These start at 600mm and can go up to an incredible 6 metres in length.

We can distress, stain, fume, in fact create practically whatever you want your floor to look like; be it a modern oiled finish to an old fashioned pit sawn effect.

Below is a selection of different finishes that are available. If you do not find a finish that you are looking for, then please contact us and we shall endeavour to meet your requirements. All of our floors are made specifically to your order, allowing you to choose the width, length and finish.

It is becoming increasingly popular to have a selection of widths within a floor, often using one extra large central board to make a focal point of the room.

Please call us with your requirements and we shall do everything we can to achieve exactly what you are looking for.